TMP Dance Ambassadors

Each winter I invite an exclusive group of exceptional young dancers to represent Tanja Melone Photography for the coming year. This isn't your typical ambassador program - Yes, there are photoshoots, discounts and perks....but it is so much MORE. The 12-month program is a mix of team building, community service, and friendship-cultivating chaos...all while challenging you to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY you! Oh....and you absolutely get TONS of freaking amazing photos!

applications open Nov 15 and close Dec 15

What and Why?

The TMP Dance Ambassador Program was born out of my desire to both celebrate young dancers and market my studio in an organic and more personal way. You see, I'm a small business by choice. I don't mass market. I don't have associate photographers. I don't want hundreds of clients a year. I am obsessed with showing dancers how talented and beautiful they are - but I can't do that unless I have the time to give each client the personalized, not-a-number experience that I'm known for. To do that, I needed an alternative way to spread the word about TMP Dance Photography - and what better way to do that than through dancers who have first-hand knowledge of what it's like to work with me?

In exchange for sharing their photos and experiences with friends, family and on social media, TMP ambassadors get a year's worth of SUBSTANTIALLY discounted photo shoots, products, and more! They also get to be a part of a team from all different studios, age groups, and backgrounds that truly support and encourage one another - celebrating achievements and lifting each other up!

Each year, the program just gets better and better and the 2024 season is no different. I'm adding more dates, more shoot opportunities, and more fun, BUT, the Tanja Melone Dance Ambassador program is also highly competitive!  Only 20 new ambassadors will be chosen for Team Twenty24 – and we only invite TWO ambassadors (excluding alumni) from each dance studio. If you are ready for a year full of amazing photoshoots and an experience you’ll never forget - click that button below!


The 2024 Ambassador Season is going to be spectacular. So what are you waiting for?

Ambassador Perks


Multiple Participation Levels

If there is one thing I know for certain after years of photographing dancers - your schedules are INSANE! To accommodate those crazy schedules (and different budgets), I have created different participation levels for the ambassador program....choose the one that is right for you! Just scroll down to see those!

Spotlight Sessions

The core of the program are our monthly Spotlight Sessions. Each month, I set aside three days for solo ambassador sessions - called "spotlight sessions". Two days are based on a monthly theme/location and the third is a "color play" day in the studio (for makeups or because you love that month's color). Depending on your Ambassador level, you'll participate in 4, 6 or 12 of these sessions.

*The number of spotlight sessions you will participate in is determined by your ambassador level.

Quarterly Group Shoots

Every quarter, there will be a group photo shoot - and this isn't a "show up and have your photo taken" situation --- we're talking themes - fun locations, crazy outfits...definitely not basic!

Priority Booking

Our Ambassadors receive priority booking status so that they get first dibs on exclusive mini-sessions throughout the year, our annual holiday sessions, and any other event that pops up!

LOTS of photos

As an ambassador, you get LOTS of photos - at least 12 from each solo spotlight shoot, mulitple images from each group shoot, and a selection of photos from all pop-up shoots!

Featured Model Guarantee

As an ambassador, you will be featured on our social media, marketing materials, website, and more!!

Exclusive Discounts

As an Ambassador, you receive exclusive discounts on full sessions/ products, and more! Discounts range from 25-50% off depending on your ambassador level.

Bonus Shoots & Events

Who knows what might pop up!

Complimentary Family Session

All of my ambassadors receive one complimentary family session during their Ambassador year.

Sign me up!

Ambassador Requirements


+ Must be a competitive, pre-pro or pro dancer
+ Must be 11+ years of age
+Must be commited to and EXCITED about promoting TMP on social media
+ Must follow @tanjamelonedance on Instagram
+ Must have an active Instagram account
+ MUST have permission from a parent to apply for this incredible experience (if under 18).

Spotlight Sessions

monthly photoshoots

Each month I set aside three days for solo ambassador sessions (called spotlight sessions) exclusively available to ambassadors. The first two days will be themed - in studio or on location - and the third will be a colored backdrop in studio.

30-minute photo session
single outfit
at least 12 digital image files (but often MORE)
All images added to your online gallery for easy access
$350+ value

ambassador program levels

BASIC - $80/mo

4 (quarterly) spotlight sessions

2 group photoshoots

25% discount on full sessions/products

save $940

$1900 value

DELUXE - $100/mo

6 (bi-monthly) spotlight sessions

3 group photoshoots

40% discount on full sessions/products

save $1650

$2850 value

ELITE - $150/mo

12 (monthly) spotlight sessions

4 group shoots

50% discount on full sessions/products

save $3400

$5200 value

yep, I'm ready!!!!

step two of the application process is to submit a headshot, dance photo, and 30-45 second improv video to tanja at hello@tanjamelone.com