High School senior collections for everyone

Find your perfect fit

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all packages for photo sessions. Some seniors want more time in front of the camera, some less, some want more outfit options, some are happy with their jeans and hoodie... And, while I think that senior year is the perfect time to print your childs' images and showcase them in your home...I also understand that some people prefer the do-it-yourself option of digital files. I've created the TMP Senior Collections to be flexible to all of the options...so you can find what fits you best.

Session Collections



up to one hour
up to 2 outfits
hair & makeup included
studio & local outdoor
7 full-resolution image files or $700 print credit
10% off print/product orders



up to 2 hours
hair & makeup included
up to 3 outfits
studio/local outdoor OR 1 location
15 full-resolution digital image files or $1200 print credit
15% off print/product orders



up to 3-hour session
hair & makeup included
up to 5 outfits
studio/urban/nature or all 3
35 full-resolution digital image files or $1800 print credit
5x7 print of ordered digital files
20% off print/product orders

*Senior guys not needing hair/makeup will receive an additional $100 print credit or an additional digital image file



Tell the story of your ENTIRE Senior Year.

This all-inclusive collection is for those seniors wanting the works. We'll do photos every season so you don't have to choose between spring flowers and fall leaves. Perfect for seniors who play seasonal sports, those who want multiple looks/locations, or those who want to maximize both studio & outdoor images.

4 1-hour photo sessions (2 outfits each)
Hair and makeup for all 4 sessions
Senior Art Book or Image Box
80 Full-Resolution Digital Images
25% off additional prints/products

$4950 ($6275 VALUE)


if ever there was a time to PRINT her photos -it's NOW

I get it, we live in a digital age. Photo albums live in our phones instead of on our bookshelves. Screen savers have replaced wallet photos...but THIS moment, THIS memory deserves more. When you think about it, this will likely be the last set of professional photos before her wedding, the set of photos that celebrates the shift from childhood to adulthood, the photos that you'll look at when she's off on her next grand adventure --- and the photos she'll share with HER kids one day.